Some answers about the Laravel Certification


  • It shouldn’t be too difficult if you use Laravel a lot
  • It can be useful for marketing
  • It can be useful to prove that you have knowledge from Laravel
  • If you didn’t have a lot of experience with Laravel it can take a lot of time to study.
  • I will not share any question or answer.

I have got multiple questions about the Laravel Certification, because of that I decided to write something about it and answer the questions I get.

First of all, what is the Laravel Certification?

The Laravel certification is a certification that proves that you have enough knowledge about Laravel. The certification is created by a team that has a board of Advisors with people from the Laravel Community and of course Taylor Otwell.

How do you get certified?

To get certified you need to do an online examination. You need to do the certification in a room where you are alone and you need to have a camera with microphone to show that you are alone and that records everything you do. During the examination you can skip questions or review your answers before you finally submit all your answers. After the examination you (hopefully) get an email that you are certified with a printable certificate.

The preparation

On my daily job I work a lot with Laravel so I had the confidence that I know the most of it. But I don’t like to try without preparation and there are parts that I don’t use. So, I did read the whole documentation from Laravel. There are some topics in the documentation that I didn’t know very well. Mostly front end related what I normally let my colleagues handle. That gave me new knowledge. If you don’t have a lot of experience with Laravel it could be more difficult to prepare, my tip is: do some projects where you try to use a lot of technology from the framework.

The questions

All the questions are multiple choice, some are very clear and for some other questions you need to take a look on the difference between the answers.

I will not share any questions. Both because I didn’t store them and don’t remember them. And secondly because that isn’t fair to share the questions I got. Also, it isn’t sure that if you want to do the examination you get the same questions.

But why, what is the profit?

The questions I get a lot are: Why should you do it? What is the profit?

I think both questions are personal. For me the reasons where: I like to verify that I indeed know a big part of the framework, I suspect that I have enough knowledge but couldn’t verify it.

Another reason to do it is to show that you have the knowledge to work with Laravel. This can be useful if you are searching for a job or maybe want a raise.

For my day job at Blue Dragon it is useful to show to our clients that we have knowledge about the framework we use. For some clients that can result on more trust that we are the correct company to work with.

Why not?

Besides why you can also ask the question why not? That is a good question to ask before starting with anything.

A first reason to not do it is if the profit isn't worth it. Another option is that you only use a small part of the options in Laravel and need to study a lot only to pass the exam. I think that it could be not useful for you to do it.

A third option can be the money, depending for your personal situation the price for the certification can be too expensive (currently €249 excluding VAT)

The result

After finishing the test, you need to wait on an email with the results. You wish it is an email that looks like this :)

Mail about Laravel certification

Mail about Laravel certification

You also get a printable certificate in the mail, if wanted you can print it and give it a place in your office.

Printable Laravel Certificate

Printable Laravel Certificate

The last part you get is a page where people can verify that you are certified.

More information

If you need information you can read the preparation and F.A.Q. or you can visit the Laravel Certification website and contact them.